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Understanding Hair Transplant and When to Go For It

Have you noticed that many people take their youth and looks for granted? Unfortunately, some of them go into shock when they begin to lose their hair. However, there is one option on the table for people who would like to turn back the hands of time.

A hair transplant is ideal for anyone that is losing their hair. It is the closest thing to natural looking hair growth. If your crown of glory is beginning to suffer, you should seriously consider getting a hair transplant. However, you should consult with your physician first. Your physician will let you know what you can expect before and after surgery.

Recent medical studies show that hair transplants are becoming more popular as time progresses. With so many people losing their hair, it’s fair to say that the hair transplant is here to stay.

What is a Hair Transplant?

It’s a special procedure where your healthy hair is relocated to areas with thin or no hair. Leading physicians have done hair transplants over fifty years, but the techniques have changed dramatically in recent years. Today’s hair transplant techniques are more advanced and they offer better results.

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?

There’s no need for you to freak out before having a hair transplant. Please keep in mind that it is safe and approved by many credible medical associations. On the day of surgery, your doctor will follow several steps carefully. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1. Suitable hair on the back of your head is selected for the transplant.

2. The strip of hair is removed from the back of your head and placed in the trouble spots. The donor area is closed with stitches.

3. From the strip of hair, your doctor will cut micro grafts and mini grafts with the help of magnification.

3. The front hair-line is formed with micro grafts.

4. Each micro graft has the potential to three to five hairs.

Some people believe that you will be confined to a hospital bed after a hair transplant. Fortunately for hair transplant patients, this is not true. You are allowed to go home after surgery is over. However, you will have some swelling on your forehead for several days.

Will you experience pain after the surgery? There’s a possibility that you may experience some pain. This is why your doctor will prescribe pain medication.

When Should You Go for a Hair Transplant?

Timing is of the essence when it comes to hair transplant. It would be a big mistake for you to get a hair transplant if you are less than twenty-five years old. Once you pass this age, losing hair on your head is a sign that you need to consult with a hair transplant surgeon.

Losing hair can be troublesome for anyone. Hair loss changes your appearance and it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. You can counter this problem by getting a hair transplant. A free consultation with your physician will help you find out if you are the ideal candidate for this popular procedure.

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